Beyond the colour Red! 

Beyond the colour red is where you'll find infrared! Herschel found it and now you can use the power of thermal imaging. Find temperature anomalies in objects that you never thought you'd be able to see. From unusual heat spots to cold that indicates drafts or water and even extra blood flow in humans and animals. Everything above zero degrees Kelvin radiates photons or infrared energy for the camera to detect.

Thermography is the process of using a specialized, electronic infrared camera to detect thermal radiation (heat) emitted by an object. The technology allows skilled thermographers to locate thermal anomalies—abnormal patterns of heat invisible to the eye—that indicate possible failure modes, faults, defects or inefficiencies within a system or material.

While infrared cameras are relatively simple to use, interpreting the findings is more complex. With training and experience, however, remarkable information can be extracted from the thermal images that can help you better maintain systems and equipment, and monitor or improve the quality of products.



  • Water Ingress
  • Missing or displaced insulation
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Disconnected AC ducting

Equine Saddle Fitting        

  • Lower body balance and shoeing
  • Total body Scan
  • Dental

Small Craft or Yachts        boat hull

  • composite hull de-lamination
  • water ingress in fiberglass and carbon fiber
  • Motor and electrical  overheating

Commercial Flat Roofs      parapet

 & Structure

  • membrane water ingress
  • missing flashing
  • missing insulation
  • rooftop appliances
  • skylights and fixtures
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